Vibrational Heading Techniques


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Trame is the name given by Patrick Burensteinas to our bodies’ information plan – a quantum grid of vertical, horizontal and transverse lines that determine the organization of the body’s cells.

Trame is also the name of a revolutionary therapeutic technique, a series of 16 movements that tell the sick body what it must do, while allowing it to keep the initiative.

There is a close relationship between Trame and alchemy. Like the Great Work in alchemy, this technique enables our body to harmoniously coexist with the universe. “Trame is my contribution to alchemy,” says the author.


Patrick Burensteinas is a physicist by training, specializing in high energies. He became interested in alchemy at a very young age when he discovered that this science resonated with his own research. This led him to develop an original therapeutic approach, which he now teaches to many practitioners.



Auteur(s) : Burensteinas Patrick
Année de publication : 2015
Format : 14 X 22
Pages : 112
ISBN : 978-2-35662-085-9


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